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Königin specializes in connecting top-tier companies across diverse industries with exceptional talent, including:

    • Beauty: We source qualified professionals across all areas of the beauty industry, including makeup artists, hairstylists, skincare specialists, product developers, and marketing experts.
    • Fashion: We recruit designers, stylists, merchandisers, buyers, and other professionals who drive the fashion industry forward.
    • Luxury: Our expertise extends to luxury goods, with placements in retail, marketing, hospitality, and product development.
    • Entertainment: We connect companies in the entertainment industry with talented individuals in film, television, music, and other creative fields.
    • Gaming: We understand the unique needs of the rapidly growing gaming industry, recruiting game developers, artists, designers, marketing specialists, and esports professionals.
    • Startups: We recognize the specific challenges faced by startups in attracting top talent. Our focus on DEI ensures a diverse pool of candidates who are passionate about innovation and eager to contribute to a rapidly growing company. We understand the importance of cultural fit and can help startups build strong teams that drive early success.

Beyond these specific industries, we cater to a wide range of positions within our clients' organizations, including:

    • Executive and leadership roles
    • Creative and design professionals
    • Marketing and sales specialists
    • Operations and logistics experts
    • Technology and data professionals 

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